Positive Fallout: A Flurry of Women Interested in Running for Office

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One major result of the election win of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s loss is the widespread activism that has erupted all over the country. Millions of Americans are marching, demonstrating and attending their elected representatives’ Town Hall meetings to “resist” – to make it known in no uncertain terms that the regressive, misogynist, anti-democratic and dangerous initiatives of the Trump Administration will not be met with passivity or apathy.

In late June, Hillary Clinton announced that more than 15,000 women nationwide have contacted EMILY’s List since Election Day about running for office. Clinton tweeted, “Their determination & passion is truly inspiring. And I can’t wait to see what this new generation of women leaders accomplishes. Onward!”

EMILY’s List, founded in 1985 to help pro-choice Democratic women run for office, has launched their largest recruitment effort yet, Run to Win. (Note of interest: “EMILY’s List” was an acronym for “Early Money Is Like Yeast” [i.e., it makes the dough rise]). Run to Win includes, among other things, “offering training opportunities, webinars, and other resources that will introduce [women] to the tools needed to run.”

EMILY’s List also has resources for citizens who want to help women run for office. Check it out!