Blog Etiquette

I intend for this blog be a forum for civil, evidence- and fact-based dialogue about important issues. For the most part, I plan to use full sentences, coherent paragraphs, proper English grammar and punctuation, and almost no text language.

In order to keep the blog posts of a high quality, I will expect my respondents to follow my lead. Therefore, when responding to a blog post, please use full words, not text abbreviations (that is, “you are” is acceptable, but “U R” is not), and proofread your work before posting. Criticism and critical posts will be accepted if they are civil, substantiated by facts from reputable sources, and contribute constructively to the discussion. Please try to keep remarks as concise and to the point as possible, since everyone’s time is valuable. I hope it is clear that personal attacks, coarse language, purely emotional rants, and threats will not be tolerated.

Thanks for your cooperation and contributions!