Welcome to my website and blog! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Valerie A. Abrahamsen, a Harvard-trained New Testament scholar, and I’ll be writing generally about three topics – words of wisdom, as it were, from the Past, the Present and the Future. Among my primary principles is that I do not merely state my opinions or feelings but support my arguments with facts and evidence; in part, I am in the business of combating “fake news” in these three categories.

Past: women in antiquity and topics in New Testament studies and archaeology and early church history;

Present: commentary on current social issues (from a decidedly progressive perspective); and

Future: the afterlife, evidence for the survival of the individual soul after death, and what this means for us in our physical lives.

In Resources, you can find more information about me and my areas of expertise, as well as links to organizations of interest.

[Note. For now, the Contact page has been disabled due to unfortunate misuse by person or person/s unknown. It is certainly shameful that some people find it necessary to use their skills, talents and time to wreak havoc on others. Let us hope that they have a change of heart and direct their energies in the future to more humane and productive pursuits.]