These are posts on topics related to the afterlife, the survival of the soul after death, and how afterlife research helps answer life’s difficult questions, primarily taken from my 2015 evidence-based book, Paranormal: A New Testament Scholar Looks at the Afterlife.

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Some comments, reviews and notices about Paranormal:

“Your conclusion about the implications of your findings are beautiful ideas and beautifully expressed. I just love it.” – Lucille, Medford, Mass.

“Most of the objections to the possible reality of survival are based on single ‘proofs,’ while in fact, I know of no paranormalist researcher who is convinced by the evidence of one form of phenomena. Abrahamsen makes this logical point by stating: ‘The material on the paranormal and the afterlife – whether it comes from scientific investigations, psychics and mediums, near-death experiences (NDEs) or out-of-body experiences (OOBEs) – begins to point in certain directions.’ By the end of the book, you will understand that direction as the validity of survival and why you can accept it into your worldview.” – Tom Butler, co-author, There is No Death and There are No Dead

Jenny from New Hampshire reports that, after reading Paranormal, she was inspired to consult with a reputable medium, which she found to be very helpful and enlightening.

A review in The Independent Scholar of the National Council of Independent Scholars, plus my response.

A notice in New Testament Abstracts, Volume 60, Number 1.

A review by Thomas Johnson in Anglican Theological Review, Vol. 99, No. 3 (Summer 2017) 583-84.