A site for articles relating to the past such as women in antiquity, early church history and New Testament archaeology. Posts are based on scholarly research and include resources in the field, such as peer-reviewed articles and books. Examining issues from a scholarly feminist perspective supports social justice in our current situation.

I am available in the New England and greater Albany areas, with advance notice, to present lectures on a number of topics in these fields. Some lectures are illustrated with photos taken on-site in Greece, Italy, Great Britain, and elsewhere. Sample lecture titles/topics include:

  • Women in Early Christianity: Literary and Archaeological Evidence
  • Paul’s Female Colleagues: Not Keeping Silence in the Churches OR The Women Around St. Paul: Setting the Record Straight
  • Archaeological Revelations from the Ancient Cities of Philippi and Corinth
  • Same-Sex Couples in the Early Church: Literary and Archaeological Evidence
  • Priestesses and Other Female Cult Leaders in the Early Christian Era
  • Evidence for a Christian Goddess: The Bendis-Zodiac Relief at Philippi
  • When Early Christians Revered a Female Deity
  • The Goddess and Healing: Nursing’s Heritage from Antiquity
  • How Archaeology Can Assist Early Christian Studies and Why it Matters
  • Pre-Christian Origins of the Labyrinth
  • Images of Mary in Christian Apocryphal Art
  • Ancient Goddess Imagery and its Influence on Christian Spirituality
  • Thecla, Paul and the Prehistoric Goddess
  • The Feminine/Androgynous Jesus
  • Trinities: Historical Alternatives to ‘Father, Son and Holy Ghost’
  • Trials and Tribulations of Translating Scripture: Implications for the 21st Century
  • Female Imagery in the Roman Catacombs
  • Religious Beliefs and Practices of Women From Prehistory through the Early Byzantine Era

If you are interested, please contact me!

Upcoming Event

  • Lecture series, “Pagans, Jews, Christians and the Birth of the West: An Archaeological and Literary Overview of the First Five Centuries CE,” Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Brattleboro, VT, Winter 2021. Details to come.

Past Events

  • Lecture and discussion,“Archaeological Revelations from the Ancient Cities of Philippi and Corinth,” Falmouth, MA, senior residence, October 28, 2019.
  • Lecture and discussion, “Archaeological Revelations from the Ancient Cities of Philippi and Corinth,” Osher @ Dartmouth, Hanover, NH, June 27, 2019. Testimonial: “Thanks again for your wonderful presentation yesterday. By my count 38 people attended and seemed to enjoy it thoroughly.” – Tom, Hanover, NH
  • Silent Advent Retreat, “Contemplating Mary in History, Music, Art and Liturgy,” at the Bishop Booth Conference Center, Episcopal Church in Vermont, Burlington, Vermont, December 7-8, 2018.
  • Lecture and discussion, “Pagan, Jewish and Christian Women in the Roman Empire: Literary and Archaeological Evidence,” Lasell Village, Newton, Mass., November 5, 2018. Testimonial: “We both found your talk interesting and informative.” – Two attendees, Newton, Mass.
  • Lecture and discussion, “The Women around St. Paul: Setting the Record Straight,” Bradley House, Brattleboro, Vermont, October 15, 2018.