“Past” is a site for articles relating to women in antiquity, early church history and New Testament archaeology. Posts are based on scholarly research and include resources in the field, such as peer-reviewed articles and books. Examining issues from a scholarly feminist perspective supports social justice in our current situation.

I am available in the New England and greater Albany areas, with advance notice, to present lectures on a number of topics in these fields. Some lectures are illustrated with photos taken on-site in Greece, Italy, Great Britain, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Austria and former Yugoslavia. Sample lecture titles/topics include:

  • Women in Early Christianity: Literary and Archaeological Evidence
  • Paul’s Female Colleagues: Not Keeping Silence in the Churches OR The Women Around St. Paul: Setting the Record Straight
  • Archaeological Revelations from the Ancient Cities of Philippi and Corinth
  • Same-Sex Couples in the Early Church: Literary and Archaeological Evidence
  • Priestesses and Other Female Cult Leaders in the Early Christian Era
  • Evidence for a Christian Goddess: The Bendis-Zodiac Relief at Philippi
  • When Early Christians Revered a Female Deity
  • The Goddess and Healing: Nursing’s Heritage from Antiquity
  • How Archaeology Can Assist Early Christian Studies and Why it Matters
  • Pre-Christian Origins of the Labyrinth
  • Images of Mary in Christian Apocryphal Art
  • Ancient Goddess Imagery and its Influence on Christian Spirituality
  • Thecla, Paul and the Prehistoric Goddess
  • The Feminine/Androgynous Jesus
  • Trinities: Historical Alternatives to ‘Father, Son and Holy Ghost’
  • Trials and Tribulations of Translating Scripture: Implications for the 21st Century
  • Female Imagery in the Roman Catacombs
  • Religious Beliefs and Practices of Women From Prehistory through the Early Byzantine Era


Past Events

  • Lecture and discussion,“Archaeological Revelations from the Ancient Cities of Philippi and Corinth,” Falmouth, MA, senior residence, October 28, 2019.
  • Lecture and discussion, “Archaeological Revelations from the Ancient Cities of Philippi and Corinth,” Osher @ Dartmouth, Hanover, NH, June 27, 2019. Testimonial: “Thanks again for your wonderful presentation yesterday. By my count 38 people attended and seemed to enjoy it thoroughly.” – Tom, Hanover, NH
  • Silent Advent Retreat, “Contemplating Mary in History, Music, Art and Liturgy,” at the Bishop Booth Conference Center, Episcopal Church in Vermont, Burlington, Vermont, December 7-8, 2018.
  • Lecture and discussion, “Pagan, Jewish and Christian Women in the Roman Empire: Literary and Archaeological Evidence,” Lasell Village, Newton, Mass., November 5, 2018. Testimonial: “We both found your talk interesting and informative.” – Two attendees, Newton, Mass.
  • Lecture and discussion, “The Women around St. Paul: Setting the Record Straight,” Bradley House, Brattleboro, Vermont, October 15, 2018.