Animals go to Heaven

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About a year ago, Pope Francis was purported to comfort a child on the death of his pet by saying that animals go to heaven. While the report may be apocryphal (and may or may not actually have been attributed to Pope Paul VI), the survival of animals’ souls after death is a persistent question, and not only for children!

Giselle and Tyler

Two of my cats, Giselle and Tyler – still in the physical world

The paranormal evidence – especially electronic voice phenomena (EVP), instrumental transcommunication (ITC), near-death experiences, the visions of reputable psychics and mediums, the postmortem testimony of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and the out-of-body travels of Virginia businessman Robert Monroe – reveals that animals do have souls and that those souls survive physical death.

Take a look at these examples:

  • Researchers have captured EVPs of animal sounds, and visual images of animals have been recorded from the beyond through ITC.
  • Maureen Hancock, a medium and healer based in southeastern Massachusetts, has found that animals’ postmortem “messages are just the same as human messages.”
  • Ms. Hancock and Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, channel animal spirits to their owners.
  • EVPs and animal images captured by Tom and Lisa Butler, co-authors of There is No Death and There are No Dead, and other EVP researchers provide evidence that spirits care for animals, not only our pets, who die suddenly or are killed.
  • Investigator Anabela Cardoso in Portugal has reported on experiences with animal communications, including domestic animals speaking in the languages of their owners.
  • Robert Monroe encountered many animal spirits in his journeys out-of-body.
  • Lisa Butler describes how she was devastated over the fate of animals and livestock that perished in a major flood in the Midwest a number of years ago. She contacted entities on the other side who assured her that the “animals also survive.” Entities on the other side, they were told, rescue the animals and help them cross over. For awhile after the tragedy, the Butlers continued to contact the entities to find out how the animals were faring and finally, after a week, received a frustrated reply, “Stop with the animals! They are all right!”
  • Finally, Sherlock Holmes creator Doyle communicated for two years after his death in 1930 about the afterlife through a medium who used automatic writing. Among Doyle’s many reports was this: “Families dwell together, we see the homes described in many spiritualistic books, the lakes, rivers, mountains, flowers and animals. . . On this plane the soul attains to mental and spiritual development. . .”

For much more on death, the afterlife, paranormal phenomena, and the lessons we learn from the themes that emerge from the evidence, please check out my book.


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