Past Lives

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You may wonder why a blog post entitled “Past Lives” is listed under the Future category! That’s because the related topics of past lives, reincarnation, karma and pre-birth decisions are explored in my book, Paranormal, and are intimately related to the survival of our souls after death.

The evidence from scientific instruments and investigations, reputable psychics and mediums, and near-death experiences overwhelmingly points to the fact that most of us have lived many lives on earth, and will probably live a few more. These are generally lives as human beings, not animals or insects. Our lives are in the service of spiritual growth and, in between earthly lives, our spirits work with other souls to decide on our upcoming lives. In other words, we know in advance what are lives are going to be – at least in broad strokes – and our spirit guides and guardian angels assist us in our journeys. (Note, however, that time and space are different on the other side, so our current lives and our past and future lives are all part of the same fabric.)

When we do things in our earthly life that harm another person (or animals, or the earth), the law of karma takes effect. It is the law of the universe that our negative actions will have to be set right, either in this life or another. Similarly, our good, positive deeds are never wasted and produce good karma. Therefore, knowledge of what happens after death (and before birth!) is extremely important and has an impact on our earthly life; knowledge of the afterlife is not just “pie-in-the-sky” religion but directly related to justice and ethical behavior.

It is unfortunate that Christianity long ago took steps to eradicate the notions of reincarnation, karma and the like from its theological underpinnings. The ideas of resurrection, redemption, and atonement just do not “cut it” for answering basic questions of justice, the “why” of tragedy, or the nature of the afterlife for many of us in the 21st century. Christians and seekers who want clearer, more logical answers to some of life’s hard questions would do well to consider the evidence for reincarnation, karma, past lives, and pre-birth decisions.