Reasons for Hope

| Present

In the midst of disheartening news in the trying times in which we live, it is important for our national conversation and personal well-being that we bring to mind the positive things that are happening all around us. Here’s a sampling.

  • DACA stays the law of the land! “The Supreme Court on Monday [Feb. 26] declined to clear the way for the Trump administration to end the Obama-era program that protects about 700,000 young immigrants from deportation, meaning that the so-called “Dreamers” could remain in legal limbo for months unless Congress acts to make their status permanent.” It is now incumbent upon Congress to try again to find a permanent fix for the immigration issues.
  • The amazing activism of teenagers all over the country around gun control and violence
  • The businesses and companies who are pulling their support from the NRA
  • NRA members who support sensible gun legislation and other initiatives
  • The continuing activism of women and allies with the Resistance/Pussy Hats movement
  • The hundreds of women running for office all over the country
  • The 37 (and counting) legislative seats across the country that have been flipped from red to blue
  • The brave senators, representatives, and government employees who keep their oath every day to defend the Constitution and competently serve the American people
  • The everyday sacrifices, dedication and courage of law enforcement officials and first responders who put their lives on the line every day for us
  • The everyday work of those in the helping professions who give their very selves – often at very low wages – to children, elders, patients, the disabled, the mentally fragile, and other vulnerable people
  • The excellent work of the Robert Mueller team in bringing indictments against and earning guilty pleas from corrupt actors in the Trump campaign and administration (and even in Russia!)
  • The amazing work of dedicated journalists in speaking truth to power about Trump, hypocritical politicians, Russian interference in our democracy, etc.
  • The courage of those in the MeToo movement and those who don’t use Twitter who support it
  • The brave men and women of color who persist and succeed in the face of overwhelming racism, discrimination and prejudice
  • The heartening movement of dismantling racist and white supremacist statues and monuments around the country
  • The millions of Americans in the arts who create beauty for us every day
  • Those among the clergy and religious of all faiths who care for our souls and constantly pray and work for peace and justice