Index to the Fourth Year

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Thank you as always for checking in with WisdomWordsPPF!  Below is a guide to the past year of blog posts. Here are the other indices: First year (October 2015-October 2016); Second year (October 2016-October 2017); Third year (October 2017-October 2018). US Politics, Trump Administration, 2018 and 2020 Elections Buyer’s Remorse and Self-Forgiveness: Humble Suggestions for […]

Medicaid Expansion in Red States

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Health care proved to be a significant issue in the 2018 midterm elections throughout the country. According to Annie Lowery, writing in The Atlantic in November, the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) “came up in more than half of Democratic ads and nearly a third of those for Republicans,” a  much higher rate than in the […]

First Lawsuit Filed to Challenge Trump Medicaid Attack

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Certain Republicans and conservatives would love to damage, severely weaken or kill off Medicaid (and other social safety net programs that have been in place for decades). A first step was recently taken in Kentucky and approved by the Department of Health and Human Services. According to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, on January […]