Lent 2021

| Future,Present

In the Western church calendar, Lent begins this year on February 17, 2021, which is Ash Wednesday. Here is a selection of past blog posts that are appropriate for Lent.

6/10/2016           The Place of the Religious Life in the 21st Century

7/8/2016             Prayers for a Hurting World

7/15/2016           Trinities: Historical Alternatives to “Father, Son and Holy Ghost”

7/22/2016           “All Shall be Well”

2/24/2017           Welcoming Lent

6/29/2018           Reclaiming Jesus: A Confession of Faith in a Time of Crisis

8/31/2018           They Know What We’re Up to: Paranormal Evidence about Our Deceased Loved Ones

6/14/2019           We DO Choose Our Parents: Implications for Our Lives from Paranormal Research

6/28/2019           Meditation on the Halting of Death Row Executions

7/24/2020           Valuing Silence in a Noisy World

9/25/2020           The Inspiring Hymns of the Rev. Dr. Carl Daw