My profile for Westar Institute (home of the Jesus Seminar) Article: “St. Paul and Goddesses along the Via Egnatia: Paganism and the Early Jesus Movement in Ancient Macedonia,” The Independent Scholar, Vol. 9 (December 2022) 40-55. Eternea Society of St. Margaret St. Joseph’s Dwelling Place, Vermont Rock Point Center, Burlington, Vermont Episcopal Church in Vermont […]

Guardian Angels: With Us, Helping Us

In the Roman Catholic tradition, there is a simple and common prayer to one’s Guardian Angel: Angel of God My guardian dear To Whom His love Commits me here Ever this day Be at my side To light and guard To rule and guide. Amen The paranormal evidence supports the existence of guardian angels for […]

Going After Trump Legally: Arguments for Taking the Risk

In an article for US News and World Report written a few days prior to the stunning testimony of former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson before the January 6th Committee, writer Susan Milligan examined the pros and cons of the Department of Justice charging former President Donald Trump with a crime (or several). It is […]

Lessons Learned by Surviving the Trump Era

We have been through an unprecedented and, frankly, horrifying time in our nation’s history. We have seen mobs of pro-Trump rioters storm the Capitol (at Trump’s instigation), cause the work of the Congress to grind to a halt, bring about injury and death to fellow Americans, the calling up of the National Guard, the second […]

Considering Mayor Pete

If you haven’t yet heard about “Mayor Pete” – that is, Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana – you will soon. Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg (pronounced buddha-judge or boot-edge-edge) is currently making a splash, not only on the national media circuit but also in fundraising as he considers a run for the Presidency on […]

Medicaid Expansion in Red States

Health care proved to be a significant issue in the 2018 midterm elections throughout the country. According to Annie Lowery, writing in The Atlantic in November, the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) “came up in more than half of Democratic ads and nearly a third of those for Republicans,” a  much higher rate than in the […]

They Know What We’re Up to: Paranormal Evidence about Our Deceased Loved Ones

From Electronic Voice Phenomena to near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, and the work of reputable mediums, the paranormal evidence shows that our deceased loved ones do not “go off” somewhere far away and become disconnected from us. Nor do they cease to exist and enter some kind of eternal emptiness. Rather, they stick pretty close to […]

Beware of Seductive Ads

You may have seen some recent ads on TV with a focus on tax reform, jobs, and supporting the so-called American Health Care Act (AHCA) of the Republicans. These ads promote middle-class growth, support companies being “unfettered” from government regulation, and laud supposed “choice” and freedom when it comes to health care. These stated goals […]

Southern Baptists in Congress: Examining the Biblical Mandate to Care for Widows and Orphans

It would be an interesting exercise to hold up the votes of legislators on certain bills against what both Jewish and Christian Scriptures say about supporting widows, orphans and other vulnerable people. It’s an illuminating exercise. Let us look at what two of the world’s major religions say about caring for vulnerable people. The Hebrew […]