Dick’s Sporting Goods, Making a Profit, and Contributing to the Common Good

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When a corporation does something that we might consider courageous – taking an action that might hurt their bottom line or invite harsh criticism from previous supporters – we should hold them up, recognize their actions and thank them. At the moment, this applies to Dick’s Sporting Goods, which has recently taken the following steps […]

Helping Small Businesses Succeed: Initiatives from the Left

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November 26, 2016, has been designated “Small Business Saturday.” This is a good time, then, to contemplate an area where both conservatives and liberals/progressives can probably agree: small business is extremely important to the US economy. How to support small business, however, is often a sticking point. While conservatives might argue that the “government needs […]

The American Workplace 5: Wages, Savings and Debt

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How is your dollar doing? A look at some statistics about wages, savings and debt in the US is instructive. If you are not doing terribly well financially, you are not alone – and there are ways out of our collective problems, if we are willing to look seriously at ideas from other nations and […]

“Socialisms” and Harnessing Capitalism for the Common Good

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While I am not an economist or political scientist, I am a US citizen and believe that it our responsibility as US citizens to know about different socio-economic systems and to be engaged in discussions about civic, economic and social issues. Whether we know it or not, these systems deeply affect our everyday lives. Especially […]

At-will employment and root causes of poverty

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In November 2013, I lost my administrative job at the Smith College School for Social Work with no notice and no warning: they simply eliminated my position and sent me packing. Their ability to do this is a direct result of the all-American employment practice of at-will, which is not found in any other Western […]

Initial Thoughts on the Common Good

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In this blog, I will be referring frequently to the common good. While there are political, economic and philosophical ways of discussing this concept, I would like to keep it simple and straightforward. I will also be placing it in a theological context, since that is my training – and also since much of our […]