Offering Hope in the Easter Season: Posts on the Resurrection and the Afterlife

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We have discussed the afterlife and related issues, from the perspective of paranormal research, on a number of occasions. These are related to the Christian concept of the resurrection – at least in the sense that Christians’ belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ promises hope of our own eternal life with God after we die. We have also pointed out that the concepts of reincarnation and karma – obviously connected to the issues of the afterlife – were basically expunged from Christian theology in the Byzantine era by powerful Christian leaders, even though the earliest Christians may well have held to these beliefs.

Here we offer a list of previous posts dealing with resurrection, the afterlife, reincarnation and karma as we move through the Easter season. May they offer comfort and hope!

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Arthur Conan Doyle’s Wisdom on Death and the Afterlife, posted 1/20/2017


Medjugorje: Exploring the Science of the Afterlife, posted 9/8/2017



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