Celebrating Women’s History Month: A Reading List

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In celebration of Women’s History Month, we offer here an updated list of our blog posts about women,  goddesses, goddess worship and female imagery. Enjoy!

Posts since late March 2021:

Rounding Out Women’s History Month: Current Women Leaders around the World

Current Research on Pompeii, Part I: Archaeology

Current Research on Pompeii, Part II: Paul’s Letter to the Romans

The Women of Romans 16

Joanna and Susanna: Two Lesser-Known Women around Jesus

The Letters of St. Paul, Authentic and Inauthentic: Lessons from the Household Codes

Persis: Another Female Colleague of St. Paul’s

Nurses, Ancient Goddesses and Healing: Reclaiming the Power of the Feminine Principle

Christian Practices and Their Indebtedness to the Goddesses and Gods of Antiquity, Part I: Sunday Liturgies

Christian Practices and Their Indebtedness to the Goddesses and Gods of Antiquity, Part II: Miscellaneous Liturgies and Practices

New Research on Mary Called the Magdalene

Women Members of the Early Jesus Movement at Philippi

Family Values and the Future of Our Nation

The Apocryphal Origins of the Cherry Tree Carol

The New Democratic Progressive Caucus

The Cult of the Thracian Horseman in the Early Christian Era


Posts through March 2021:

St. Paul and Women

Same-sex Unions in Antiquity

Paul’s Female Colleagues: Not Keeping Silence in the Churches

Some Surprises from the Roman Catacombs 1: Religious Symbols

Some Surprises from the Roman Catacombs 2: Traditional Interpretations of the Orante

Some Surprises from the Roman Catacombs 3: The Orante in Light of the Prehistoric Goddess

Abortion and the Paranormal Evidence

The Trials and Tribulations of Translating Scripture 2: Pitfalls and Challenges

The Trials and Tribulations of Translating Scripture 3: The Work of the Jesus Seminar

What We Women Want in the Workplace

Trinities: Historical Alternatives to “Father, Son and Holy Ghost”

“All Shall be Well”

The Feminine/Androgynous Jesus

Images from Philippi

Thecla, Paul and the Prehistoric Goddess

Gender Balance Here and Abroad

Images of Mary in Christian Apocryphal Art

Pre-Christian Origins of the Labyrinth

Adopting a New President 

Emerging Democratic Leaders

Southern Baptists in Congress: Examining the Biblical Mandate to Care for Widows and Orphans

Positive Fallout: A Flurry of Women Interested in Running for Office

How Archaeology Can Assist Early Christian Studies and Why it Matters

Exploring the Influence of Salome in Early Christianity

Democrats Running – for Office

A Close Analysis of the Sexual Harassment Epidemic and Ways to Combat It

Ancient Corinth I: Gods and Goddesses

Ancient Corinth II: Women in St. Paul’s Time

Disrupting Toxic Masculinity

A New Bishop for Newark

Shelly Simonds and the Tale of the Virginia “Canister”

A Priestess and Benefactress from Pompeii

A Female Ceramicist in Crete

Hillary and Helen: Women “Deleted” by the Texas Board of Education

A Neolithic Site in Turkey, its Goddess and its Women

Mary Magdalene, The First Apostle

Elizabeth Warren and Capitalism: She’s in Favor

The Cult of Livia at Philippi: The State of Religion at a Pauline City in the Early Christian Centuries

The Right Reverend Barbara C. Harris (1930-2020): A Tribute

Women’s Occupations in Graeco-Roman Antiquity

The Women Artisans of Philippi