Honoring Black History Month

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In honor of Black History Month, and in recognition of our deep racial divides, we offer here the list of past blog posts focusing on African Americans, slavery, the Civil Rights movement, the Lost Cause narrative and Confederate monuments, racism, and related topics.

2/5/2016 Reincarnation and Genetics: A Novel Approach to Facing Racism
7/29/2016 SPLC on BLM: Important Distinctions When it comes to Hate Groups
11/4/2016 The Southern Poverty Law Center on the Alt-Right
1/13/2017 Observations on Old TV Shows
2/17/2017 The SPLC’s Latest Report on US Hate Groups
6/2/2017 Emerging Democratic Leaders


The Paris Climate Accord: The Episcopal Church Takes a Stand
6/23/2017 Southern Baptists in Congress: Examining the Biblical Mandate to Care  for Widows and Orphans
8/25/2017 Resources to Combat the “Alt-Right:” Constructive Advice from the SPLC
9/29/2017 The Vermont People’s Platform
10/13/2017 Obama’s Bipartisan Deals: Exposing More Lies from the Trump White House
11/3/2017 Social Justice Energy in Vermont and New Hampshire: The Work of People of Faith
12/8/2017 Hate in the White House: A New Tool from the SPLC
1/5/2018 A Bit of Good News: Reinstatement of Over 100,000 Driver’s Licenses in Mississippi
1/26/2018 Immigration Lessons from the Bible
4/20/2018 Teaching American Slavery: Confronting an Educational Deficit in Our Schools
5/18/2018 Neo-Nazi Group Unravelling, Spencer Backing Off: Positive Steps in the Battle against Racism and Bigotry
5/25/2018 A Profile in Courage, Mitch Landrieu: Someone to Watch
6/8/2018 A New Bishop for Newark
6/15/2018 A Trail, A Veteran, and a Rich Legacy of Native American Care for the Earth
6/22/2018 Shelly Simonds and the Tale of the Virginia “Canister”
6/29/2018 Reclaiming Jesus: A Confession of Faith in a Time of Crisis
7/27/2018 Ben Carson and HUD Being Sued
11/9/2018 The House is Blue
2/8/2019 Celebrating Black History Month in Vermont Part I: History, Demographics and Setbacks
2/22/2019 Celebrating Black History Month in Vermont Part II: Steps in the Right Direction
7/12/2019 The Legacy of Slavery, Part I: A Look at Reparations
7/26/2019 The Legacy of Slavery, Part II: The “Lost Cause” Narrative and Confederate Symbols and Monuments
8/9/2019 Questions to Ask Ourselves about our Presidential Candidates
9/27/2019 A Virtual Pilgrimage to Civil Rights Sites in Alabama I: Preparation, Birmingham and Selma
10/11/2019 A Virtual Pilgrimage to Civil Rights Sites in Alabama II: Montgomery and Concluding Thoughts
11/22/2019 Giving Thanks for Our Native American Neighbors
3/27/2020 The Right Reverend Barbara C. Harris (1930-2020): A Tribute
8/28/2020 Quotes from the 2020 Democratic National Convention
9/11/2020 Highlighting Three Black Men of Renown
11/27/2020 Thanksgiving Takeaways: Honoring Traditions and Educating Ourselves with New Data and Insights